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Wellington Hot-Rolled and TG & P is a tough dependable high alloy shafting steel designed resist fatigue, shock and abrasion. Wherever repeated trouble occurs in shafting, gears, and allied applications, install Wellington Hot-Rolled and TG & P and achieve maximum results in long wear.
  • Advantages
  • Heat Treating & Applications

Wellington Hot-Rolled and TG & P offer these advantages:

Heat Treated to a 28-32 Rockwell “C”
Wellington Hot-Rolled and TG & P will give high wear resistance while still allowing good machinability. For most applications it may be put into service without additional heat treatment.

High Fatigue and Wear Resistance
Wellington Hot-Rolled and TG & P gives maximum life in high torsion applications such as fan shafts, crane shafts, etc. where fatigue is often a cause of premature failure.

Stress Relieved and Machine Straightened
Wellington Hot-Rolled and TG & P is stress relieved and machine straightened to remove residual stresses in order to minimize danger of machine deformation and failures cause by these stresses. This allows for easier machining.

High Tensile and Yield Strengths
Wellington Hot-Rolled and TG & P with a tensile strength of 155,000 p.s.i. And yield strength of 135,000 p.s.i. In most cases this is up to one-third higher than your generic 4140/4150 grades.

Wellington Hot-Rolled Sizes:
Furnished in Rounds from ¼” – 20 inch diameter. Larger sizes are forged to order.
All sizes of Flats, Hexagon, Squares are carried in stock.

Wellington TG & P Sizes:
Furnished from ¼”- 8 inch diameter in 1/16” increments. Special sizes made to order.
Metric Sizes also available

Wellington TG & P Accuracy:
¼” diameter to 4” diameter------- +.000 - -.002
4 1/16” diameter to 8” diameter-----+.002- -.003

Heat treating instructions are as follows:
.505 Diameter quenched from f, and drawn:

400° F Rockwell "C" 56 700° F Rockwell "C" 51 1000° F Rockwell "C" 43

500° F Rockwell "C" 55 800° F Rockwell "C" 47 100° F Rockwell "C" 39

600° F Rockwell "C" 53 900° F Rockwell "C" 46 1200° F Rockwell "C" 35

T o anneal: 1525° F, furnace cool 20° per hour to 1190° F, air cooled. To harden: 1500/1550° F, oil quench


Typical bar 2" Round-minimum

Tensile Strength Minimum 155,000 PSI at C-30
Yeild Point Minimum 135,000 PSI at C-30
Elongation Approx.-21%
R. in A approx.-60%

Agricultural Equipment
Armature Shafts
Automatic Equipment
Boring Bars
Car Axles
Cement Mill Shafts
Chain Pins
Crank Shafts
Drive Shafts
Drive Gears
Feed Screws
Genrator Shafts
Grinder Spindles
Hoist Shafts
Impeller Shafts
Lead Screws
Locomotive Axles
Magneto Shafts
Mine Car Axles
Motor Shafts
Paper Processing Machinery
Piston Rods
Printing Presses
Propeller Shafts
Railroad Axles
High Speed Gears
Steering Axles
Textile Looms
Textile Machines
Turbine Shafts
Valve Stems


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